Friday, May 20, 2011

Business Outcomes

The May 15th CIO Magazine is such a duh.  Basically the main theme is that CIOs are changing their mantra from "alignment" to "IT and business are one."


I have argued for years that aligning IT and the business is far more representative of failed CIOs than a valid IT strategy.  I am not sure I even know what alignment means.  If it means the strategies and objectives of the company as a whole then a misalignment should have been corrected immediately.  If it means aligning with every business leader than IT is going to be dysfunctional because not every business leader is aligned with the goals of the company. 


There are times when great CIOs drive things.  I think of Max Hopper moving SABRE from an internal American Airlines system to a travel agent system.  Or of Dennis Jones pushing customer automation for FedEx.  But most CIOs are consumed by working the edges--trying to get their resources on those projects that best meet the company's goals.

If this recession taught IT anything it is that IT and the business are one and always have been.

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