Friday, April 29, 2011

InformationWeek Article

I published an article in InformationWeek on developing high potential directors and vice presidents.  There has been good reaction to it the first day.

A few people have written to me directly with questions which I answered directly but I think it is worth repeating the answers.

I don't think I will write a book.  I know what Charlie Feld went through with his and he is a MUCH bigger name than me.  He had to self publish and jump through all kinds of hoops with Amazon.  I don't know if he ever got into the book stores; especially those in airports.  Besides, I am too lazy to write a book.  Having written a dissertation I have a good idea how long it takes to edit.

But I will blog answers to questions and comments.  And there is lots of material.  I think the most interesting discussion is on the InformationWeek comment section on the role of politics in promotions and whether politics trump individual abilities. 

I want to give this some thought as the topic is complicated and nuanced.  For example, just what do people mean by politics?  There are always politics and individual agendas but that doesn't mean they are bad.

Another topic is how to help your boss and his/her boss improve using these core competencies.  I think this is very risky and likely a very bad career move.  While I think there are definitely things that should be said to your boss or your boss's boss, unsolicited suggestions on how to improve their management effectiveness isn't a place I would start.