Monday, January 24, 2011


This week I visited Geoff Cooper and Scott Simpson of CaraSolva to see their CareSupport product. They are a perfect example of how little investment it takes these days to get a good idea into software and how hard and much money it takes to get that good idea adopted and serving the community.

Good luck guys.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Return to Writing

I haven't written much lately.  A few people who know me and have followed my career and read my writing have made a lot of positive suggestions.  Those suggestions have had me thinking about the role of the CIO, how the current generation of managers, directors and vice presidents of IT are getting developed, and how things are truly changing.  I still believe most CIOs are failing in their jobs and a lot of them know it.  A lot of CEOs know it, too.  But I am not going to continue to point this out.  The IT journals are full of suggestions on what the next generation of CIOs need to do and I agree with a lot of those suggestions.  But there is no substance to the suggestions; no details for an IT person to grab and execute.  We are not the type people who like to work with generalities. 

I am returning to writing about the details of leading an IT organization and what I think about the IT news of the day.  I hope future IT leaders will steal these details, modify them, test them, come up with new details, and grow.